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Think about your last birthday. With Facebook making it so easy to send a happy birthday wish, no doubt you were inundated with friend-love.  Friends that you haven’t spoken to for 12 months come out of the woodwork for the simple (and sometimes token) act of sending you a birthday message. Your Facebook Wall becomes a sea of sameness, punctured only occasionally with personalised messages like a ‘throwback’ snap – a touch of personalisation that cuts through the clutter.

Success is always within arm’s length if you are ready to work for it. Turning your passion for food into a career can be a reality. Education and experience are essential factors to help an individual pursue a career as a food entrepreneur, but there is one important quality that can help all aspiring foodies to be successful in their career: it is the passion for food. It could be as simple as bringing your grandmother’s famous family recipe to developing your own catering line.

Valentine’s Day is fast-approaching and the story goes that if Cupid hits you with his golden arrow you’ll fall madly in love. And who doesn’t want to fall madly in love? But there are other actors taking aim at you on Valentine’s Day whose arrows you need to avoid as the outcomes aren’t nearly as desirable.

These are exciting times for the travel and tourism industry in the Middle East. Blurring of the lines between business and leisure travel, travellers becoming more adventurous in selecting destinations and embracing of simpler pleasures is the travel mantra in 2017. Newer destinations, millennials seeking authentic experiences, and personal enrichment are set to be the highlights of the travel and tourism industry in the days ahead.

As an Arabic content specialist, I was utterly excited when I learned that the Emirates Literature Foundation was holding the first ever Arabic Translation Conference (October 2016, Mohammed bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Science). I packed my full top management team at HOUSE OF CONTENT and off we went, only to come back with the disappointment of our lives. Not that the conference was a failure in anyway, but what we saw on stage was simply a reiteration of what my team and I have been calling “everything wrong in the Arabic translation industry”.

Global stocks rallied higher amid expectations that incoming President Trump would push infrastructure spending and cut corporate taxes in the US to drive growth. Optimism lifted the Dow Industrial Average above the 20,000 level before pulling back later amid worries that economic campaign promises may go unfulfilled. Asian equities outperformed global bourses, returning 6.2% over the month.

With the increasing adoption of Managed and Cloud services, where either an entire or a part of IT function is outsourced to a third-party services provider, the need for unambiguous, easy to apply and easy to follow service agreements are becoming more important. The level of effort that goes into preparation of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) between a services provider and the end-customer, is usually proportionate to the duration of the engagement. Typically, a longer term contractual engagement will have more detailed and rigorous descriptions.

How many times have you seen huge billboards while driving on the highway, stating “We are the best insurance company” or “We are the only bank for you” etc.

Usually, when a company is the best in their area of expertise, they are considered industry leaders; and industry leaders have a strong enough following who will convey the message to the public without the need for obvious intervention.

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