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1. Use a Password Manager: Although not all devices can use password managers directly, it’s still one of the best and easiest things you can set up. PCs and Macs, as well as smartphones and tablets increasingly support the use of password managers directly. But even for devices that don’t, you can and should use a password manager to generate and store strong passwords. Preferably, find a password manager that requires multi-factor authentication for extra protection. There is no excuse for not having totally unique (and complex) passwords for every single online account you have, whether for gaming, shopping, banking and so on.

Sustainable agriculture is at the heart of the comprehensive food security strategies of many nations today as they seek to eliminate hunger within their respective territories, while at the same time ensuring they protect the environment. This practice focuses on providing a sufficient supply of nutritious food to the citizens without adding further pressures on natural resources in the face of exponentially booming populations.

Each year around this time, you may find yourself getting anxious because the inevitable questions abound: “What are your New Year’s plans?” “Have you figured out how you’re getting around traffic on New Year’s eve?” “Any resolutions?” “How are you going to ensure you stick to them?”

Digital transformation puts technology at the heart of business operations, products, and services. It also puts customer experience at the center of a company’s ethos while accelerating competitive differentiation. Embracing digital transformation is no longer aspirational. Instead it is imperative for survival in an economy driven by sensors and data. Security can enable digital transformation to succeed, but to achieve this it must be a part of the planning and implementation process.

Common email scams target unsuspecting online users anywhere and everywhere – at home, at work, in the airport, at your local coffee shop – when you’re connected, you could be putting valuable data at risk if you’re not taking proper precautions. Your online identity puts you more at risk than you realize but taking simple proactive steps can help guard against the bad guys.

Through Vision 2021, the UAE supports the proliferation of clean energy and “green” growth plans. The UAE was ranked seventh in 2018 globally for having the highest carbon dioxide emissions. Cities like Dubai are working towards reducing carbon footprint by 2050, especially since the city was titled as the ‘World’s Most Improbable Green City’ by the National Geographic in 2017.

Stress can be quite difficult to define or measure. Different people handle stress differently. Some people find that they can easily survive a busy lifestyle, and quite well at that, with high levels of stress. On the other hand, some people become tense or anxious and stressed over the slightest change from their daily routines. Most people fall somewhere in between but there are increased periods where they go through more stress than usual. So, how can one handle these stressful moments?

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