Dragon Mart will transport children to The Amazing World of Gumball this September with an interactive daily live show that will keep them roaring with laughter.

Taking place three times a day from 13 to 22 September, the show journeys through the fun-filled world of Cartoon Network’s animated television character Gumball Watterson, with Detective Dickie Gumshoe heading to Elmore Junior High to take over Miss Simian's classroom to solve ‘The Mystery of the Stolen Test Papers’ during a special edition of his TV detective show.

Brothers Gumball and Darwin Watterson will assist the detective, and take over the stage as they show off their cool dance moves and get up to mischief.

Children can also participate in creative workshops, and interact with the lovable characters after each show, with photo opportunities and meet and greet sessions.

Join in the amusing antics and comical misadventures of Cartoon Network’s Gumball at Dragon Mart 2, daily at 5pm, 7.30pm and 9pm.


Source: BPG Orange