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Roti Rollers, the contemporary Indian street style restaurant, gets into the spirit of Diwali by offering 20% discount on their Thalis from 7th-9th November 2018.

Kulcha or Biryani Rice and Raita accompanies a spread of Chicken Tikka and Tandori Lamb & Beef  Kebab, for meat-eaters. Vegetarians can savoury the flavours of Spinach & Paneer Seekh Kebab, Potato Dabeli, Chole, and Dal Makhani- which is common to both options.

Nothing marks the arrival of the festive season like Starbucks’ red cups and the global coffee brand is delighted to announce that this year’s seasonal sips will go on sale on Monday, 05 November. For a limited time only, customers can indulge in espresso-based delights including Toffee Nut Latte and Toffee Nut Frappuccino.

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