With school back in session and the weather cooling down, Al Forsan International Sports Resort has an activity for everyone, from kids to teens and adolescents to adults. You’ll never be short of entertainment with an outstanding selection of offerings. Live the excitement of our Paintball Packages, Clay Target Shooting, and Sniper Rifle Competition, or find your passion for horse-riding with a new term of twice weekly Equestrian Classes. From the health benefits of Fitness Classes to the unbeatable refreshment of Coffee at Como, you have every opportunity to make the most of your weekdays and weekends at Al Forsan. Book online now and get 20% off!

New Equestrian Term

Ride high twice a week with Al Forsan’s new Riding Academy Season! Want to be a good rider? Saddle up and discover the unique joy of luxury horse riding through our group lessons with other riders at your level. With our trained horses and lesson plans, you’ll soon learn to ride in a structured and fun environment.  Beginners and advanced riders alike will receive hands-on attention from highly-qualified British Horse Society instructors.

Double your enjoyment with 45-minute classes taking place twice a week until May 2019.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced rider, head down to the Equestrian Academy at Al Forsan between 4PM and 7PM.

Fitness Classes

Enjoy a healthy lifestyle with a dynamic range of fitness classes and activities. Discover your inner rhythm with Zumba or simply feel the burn with our fun and energetic fitness routines!

From Les Mills Body Pump and Aqua Aerobics, to Circuit Training and Kickboxing, there’s something to suit everyone’s fitness needs with an extensive 9am – 8pm daily schedule.

Stay active every day, only at Al Forsan!

Paintball Packages 

Make a splash with more paintballs and more fun for the same price. Book today to avail of an incredible offer that gets you extra paintballs at no extra cost. Choose from 3 packages, starting from AED 170. Packages vary from WARRIOR, which gets you 200 paintballs, while RAMBO equips you with 300 paintballs, and TERMINATOR provides you with a whopping 400 paintballs.

The themed field at Al Forsan is enclosed in state-of-the-art air domes. No expense has been spared to provide fully climate-controlled conditions to ensure that even in the middle of the UAE’s hot climate, players can run and hide in comfort.

Many scenarios can be played out in the themed field and players can enjoy customised experiences with our bespoke packages to make sure you’re equipped with paintballs and choice at Al Forsan.

Clay Target Shooting

Set your sights on Al Forsan’s Shotgun Contest from 1st to 31st of December. We are proud to invite shooters down to our incredible facilities to vie for the title of top shot. With single and double targets in the shoot-off, participants are encouraged to steady their aim as they compete to win some fantastic prizes.

Get your practice in with 10 shots before the 15-shot competition. Participants will have one shot per clay target with the potential for a top score of 15 points. The top 10 men and top 10 ladies will compete in a complementary shootout final on a reset range.

Men’s & Women’s Prizes:

o   1st Prize – 5,000 AED plus trophy

o   2nd Prize – 3,000 AED plus trophy

o   3rd Prize – 2,000 AED plus trophy

Sniper Rifle 300m Competition

Discover Al Forsan’s outstanding indoor range by competing in our Sniper Rifle 300m Competition from 1st to 30th November. Participants will be given the chance to get their aim in with 5 practice shots before taking their 5 competitive shots, with 5 minutes allocated to take the 5 shots.

Shooters can choose between a .308-calibre or a .223-calibre rifle at a distance of 300 metres. Competition entry is just 250 AED, while reshoots will be offered for .308-calibre rifles at 250 AED and for .223-calibre rifles at 230 AED. Scores will be based on the smallest group size of 5 shots, measured in millimetres by the target system, and the schedule for the final shoot-off will be announced in due course.

Men’s & Women’s Prizes:

o   1st Prize – 4,000 AED plus trophy

o   2nd Prize – 2,500 AED plus trophy

o   3rd Prize – 1,500 AED plus trophy

Coffee at Como

Attention all coffee lovers, the perfect cup of coffee truly does exist in all forms. Enjoy our speciality coffees and experience an authentic Italian coffee moment at our Como restaurant, while your youngsters indulge Al Forsan’s action-packed activities. Whether you’re looking to catch up with good friends or just relax, Como is the place to be.

Elite coffee lovers will be delighted with the Aeropress-made coffee, which requires only a mere 20 second brewing time. Low temperatures fused with a short brewing time ensure the coffee maintains its rich, authentic, Italian flavour and reduces the acidity level without making the coffee bitter at all. Smooth, rich, pure, and fast is what Aeropress is all about.

Surprises are in store if you have a sweet tooth, with the signature Lotus Frappuccino, Peanut Butter Latte and Spanish Hot Latte. If you have a bit more of a classical taste, don’t fret, our hot classic coffee selection ranges from double espressos to strong Americanos. Everyone’s tastes buds will get their deserved coffee fix at Como!

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Source: Katch