During Art Dubai Week 2018, INKED, in collaboration with flora&faunavisions present “La Casa Azul “, a pop-dinner series inspired by the artistic universe and musings of one of the most momentous artists of the 20th century – Frida Kahlo.

The pop-up dinner experience will take guests into a three-dimensional immersive culinary representation of the artist - from her home and sanctuary which is known as the “Caza Azul”, to her love for the varying shades of cultures which Mexico boast.  Though she was trapped in a body constantly wracked with pain and the many dramatic episodes of her life, she has let light and the freedom of a life without boundaries infiltrate her inside out.

La Casa Azul will conceptualize in a culinary food experience showcasing the 360° multimedia installation INSIDEOUT by flora&faunavisions, the reality of Frida Kahlo. Frida Kahlo was not only a renowned Mexican artist, but also an indomitable spirit. Her paintings were a juxtaposition of mixed realism and fantasy, often depicting her own emotions. Both joyful and dramatic, her paintings portray strength and female empowerment as well as melancholia and perseverance.

INSIDEOUT is a traveling art installation created by flora&faunavisions, revealed at the Triennale der Photographie in Hamburg, during Vienna Design Week, and in Paris at the Palais de Tokyo. Today, it makes its appearance in Dubai at INKED, as part of Art Dubai 2018.

The multimedia installation and the exquisite culinary dinner will bring an immersive experience which will be opened to the public from March 19- 24, as part of Art week’s design initiatives and activations in Alserkal Avenue.

In her words: “I want a storm to come and flood us into a song that no one wrote.”

Join the experience where the storms and floods of one woman’s life, became the strength and inspiration sung by generations passed and those to come. 


La Casa Azul will take place from March 19 to 24, 2018. One dinner seating will take place each evening at 8:30pm for a maximum capacity of 40 guests at AED 485 per person. Tickets can be purchased online on www.inked.ae

INKED will be open to the public for viewing of the INSIDEOUT installation by flora&faunavisions in collaboration with Neumann & Müller Event Technology LLC and as part of Alserkal Avenue’s Art Week activities on the 19th , 23rd and 24th of March from 12pm to 6pm.



INKED is a creative expression in the presence of food. We are a people collective, and a food collective, guided by the 7th sense. No experience at INKED will be the same as another. Our capabilities are ever changing but our passion is constant. INKED lives in a space fully-fitted with equipment, aesthetic, and expertise. What we do is gather people, stories, and knowledge to leave a trail of enhanced experiences and lasting encounters. We compose with emotion to create moments that turn into memories, and every memory leaves its mark. The distinctiveness of our mad methods lies in confronting things that are seemingly paradoxical, but in truth have a hidden harmony. We morph and we venture simply because we are proud of this challenge that we have presented to you too.



flora&faunavisions is a Berlin based design studio for space, moving image, objects, stage installations, creative direction and multimedia design for live music productions, fashion shows as well as exhibitions and company events for a variety of clients. Founded in 1999 by Leigh Sachwitz and on the international scene for over 15 years, the design studio shapes and choreographs vibrant and innovative emotional moments, designing spaces that draw one in, and stages quality appearances for both art and commerce. flora&faunavisions, together with other international greats, develops projects ranging from underground clubs to high culture institutions – the expectation always being to bring design to a new level.

 “Our ideas are out of the box and aim to take people by surprise.”


Source: INKED

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