The sky is no longer the limit when it comes to stationary thanks to online gift emporium, Pen Heaven, and their intergalactic collection.

Commemorating the launch of the Apollo Space landing next week, this cosmic selection of "Space Pens" is ideal for wannabe spacemen and women. Each design also makes the ideal companion for the new generation of astronauts in their race to Space, with a choice of styles, including fountain pens, ballpoints, and ink bottles.

Influenced by a galaxy far far away, and to mark this summer’s inaugural launch of the Space tourism industry (led by private spaceflight leaders such as Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Richard Branson), Pen Heaven offer a collection that is out of this world, to evoke the stargazer in you.

Fisher Space Matt Black Bullet Pen with Black Lanyard, £32.50 / $39

Perfect for the job in zero-gravity, this pen writes at any angle, in the most extreme environments, and even underwater, without ever drying out. The handy lanyard will also ensure it doesn’t fly off out of sight.

Lamy AL-Star 2021 Special Edition Fountain Pen, £25 / $30

One for those keeping their feet (and writing) very much grounded, this special edition from leading penmakers, Lamy, gives a cosmic feel without ever having to leave the house.

Fisher Space Bullet Pen Titanium Plated Rainbow, £64 / $76

A funky design from the leaders in pressurised ink (allowing use at any angle), this pen would be perfect for the colourful Wally Funk – the 82-year-old who has been trying to reach space for 60 years. This year, his dream will come true as he accompanies Jeff Bezos on his intergalactic mission.

Diamine Shimmer Ink Bottle in Moon Dust, £9 / $11

Ideal for documenting all those critical dates for every Space explorer, this new ink features a delicate shimmer, reminiscent of the milky way.

Fisher Space Capacitive Ballpoint Pen with Stylus, £43 / $52

An ideal candidate for Dr. Proctor (who won a place aboard Elon Musk’s Falcon 9 Rocket and Dragon Spacecraft by combining her passion for space art and poetry with the poem "Space 2 Inspire."), this trusty ballpoint is excellent for moments of genius and drawing on a tablet.

Source: Gildedherring

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