In an ever-connected world, businesses are on a continuous journey of adapting to fast-paced changes to remain relevant and achieve good growth. Besides the global factors such as war and inflation, businesses in the Arab world are facing unique challenges in the post-pandemic market. Global players and innovative new businesses are getting increasingly competitive against the region’s legacy business groups.

In a first of its kind event, ‘Break the Block’, a unique street food block party will be held at Dubai Design District (d3), offering a counter-culture experience of food, music, and creative, freestyle performances. The two-night event is Produced by Brag in partnership with Dubai Food Festival and Dubai Design District and in collaboration with Factory People, Last Seen Live, Ultraviolet Live,  25hours Hotel and other Dubai-based promoters.

Last night, the Eid in Dubai - Al Fitr celebrations, presented by Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment (DFRE), drew to a close after days of live entertainment, cultural and gastronomic experiences, hotel and attractions offers, and great retail promotions across the malls.

The VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing pipette is the only electronic pipette offering automated adjustment of tip spacing currently on the market. It is easy to use, can be operated one-handed, and allows the parallel transfer of samples between formats, for example from tubes to plates, or from 96 well to 384 well plates. This significantly speeds up workflow, reducing transfer times and making sample reformatting much more efficient.

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