The activities of the first two days of the Dhaid Date Festival, which is organized by the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI) attracted a large number of applicants for the Ratab Al Khalas competition, which was divided into farms of the northern Emirates regions and farms in the emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The second day was dedicated to the Ratab Al Khezini and the Ratab Al Shishi competitions, while the last two days are dedicated to the competitions of the best Mazayna, the lemon, the best Mekhrafa (for women).

The fifth edition of the Al Dhaid Date Festival, which began on Thursday, saw the introduction of two new categories, one for local mango and the other for yellow and red figs. The Organizing Committee allocated a special pavilion to showcase the products of the 2021 season from the two new categories. The door for participation was also opened on the fourth day of the festival to honor the winners of the local mango and yellow and red figs competitions, in addition to and a number of other prizes.

This's years edition, which is held under the theme 'Authenticity of the past and glory of the present', includes 23 stands for displaying various types of dates. The organizing committee also urged the public to follow the festival's accounts on social media platforms to learn more about the raffle draws that will be held on several worthy prizes and iPhone 12 Pro smartphones.

The Al Dhaid Date Festival has become one of the most important annual events that grab the attention of palm growers in the eastern and central regions of the Emirate of Sharjah and the various emirates of the country, said Mohammed Musabeh Al Tunaiji, general coordinator of the festival, underlining that the festival plays a key role in improving the quality and diversity of the local product of dates through its various competitions.

Therefore, the SCCI was keen to increase the value of the prizes of the festival, in addition to introducing new categories that contribute to maintaining the significant position of palm trees and encouraging their cultivation, in addition to highlighting the various types of crops that Sharjah and other emirates of the country are known for, he added.

For his part, Rashid Mohair Al Ketbi, Head of the Sorting and Evaluation Committee, that the mango and fig competitions that were added to the festival in its fifth session aim to expand the scope of agricultural varieties covered by the event. The new categories also serve as a base for other competitions to be launched in the coming editions in order to enhance the role of the festival in supporting and encouraging farmers, he noted.

Al Ketbi shed light on the conditions and criteria of participation in local mango and figs competitions, including; the participation should be from the local production of 2021 season, the crops must be disease-free, with appropriate size.

The corp should be delivered in 'Mekhrafa'. The weight of the lemon should be eight kg, the yellow fig three kg, the red fig five kg, the local and mixed mango eight kg, all within one 'Mekhrafa'.

When it comes to the best 'Mekhrafa' competition for women, the Ratab should be from the local production of 2021season, in addition to showing the required documents of farmland or house ownership, Al Ketbi noted.

Source: Misbar Communications

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