Emirates Auction, the leading company in the field of management and organization of public and online auctions in the Middle East, will organize a public auction on Saturday for 56 distinguished vehicle number plates from category 3, in cooperation and coordination with the Sharjah Police Headquarters. The auction will launch at 5:00 pm at the Al Jawaher Reception and Convention Centre in Sharjah.

The auction will offer a unique batch of numbers, including a single one-digit number plate, 4 two-digit number plates, 15 three-digit number plates, 20 four-digit number plates, and 16 five-digit number plates. The number (7) is among the most prominent number plates in this auction as it is the only one-digit number plate available for bidding. Other prominent number plates in the auction include (14), (20), (55), (400), (122), (1700), (7777) and (3311) among others.

HE Abdulla M. AlMannaei, Chairman and Managing Director of Emirates Auction, called on enthusiasts of unique number plates in the Emirate of Sharjah and all the other emirates in the country to participate in Sharjah’s public auction. He stated that he expects the auction to witness a high turnout of guests due to the uniqueness of the available numbers that have been carefully chosen. He stressed that the company is keen to organize the auction in accordance to the highest global standards for organizing auctions.

The distinguished number plates can be viewed directly through the company's website or by downloading its smartphone application through “Google Play” or the “Apple Store.” Number plates can also be viewed by visiting the Emirates Auction customer service center that is located in the Traffic Management Building at Al Ramtha Area in Sharjah.

Bidders, who are entitled to bid on as many number plates as they want, must also deposit a security check at the time of registration, and must be present well in advance of the start of the auction.


Source: MISBAR Communications

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