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June 2021 had the highest total sales transaction volume since December 2013, making it the highest monthly volume of property sales transactions in eight years. June 2021 had 6,388 transactions worth AED 14.79 billion, 44.33 percent more than May 2021 in terms of volume and 33.2 percent more in terms of value.High sales transaction volumes in April and May of 4,824 and 4,426 respectively made for a great Q2, which had the highest quarterly volume of sales transactions since Q4 2013. Q2 2021 had a total of 15,638 transactions worth AED 36.86 billion, 33.26 percent more than Q1 2021 in terms of volume and 46.76 percent more in terms of value.

On-demand housing platform has released a study showing the best cities worldwide to live and work remotely from. As first-hand observers of this growing relocation trend, the company decided to investigate further by using data to determine the cities that are not only the most attractive to foreign-employed workers, but also have the infrastructure and legislation in place to make it easy for them to live and work there. The resulting index offers insight into a broad range of factors encompassing costs, infrastructure, legislation and livability to reveal the cities best prepared to attract this new breed of work-from-anywhere resident.

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