On behalf of Skey Network, Dr Sebastian Grabowski, Director, Domestic Cloud Operator will be a keynote speaker at GITEX on October 20th. He will address audiences on: The Future of Smart Cities - a Common Communication Standard based on Blockchain with a case study on how Skey Networks is successfully applying this to cities across Poland.

Starting at 11:20AM, at the Green Stage in Za'abeel Hall 3, Dr. Grabowski will speak about what causes communication problems and how smart city applications can remedy them thanks to blockchain and BIoT (Buildings Internet of Things). He will showcase the architecture of the solution with an example of the Domestic Cloud Provider (Chmura Krajowa) and BC nodes which are based on the Google Cloud and an app for city municipalities.

According to Grabowski, “The cities of the future will have a global hospitable ecosystem and every individual will be able to shape their lives the way they intend to. The vision is to create a solution that promotes compatibility and creates a standard for communication that does not favor any interests but constitutes a level playing field where all parties involved will benefit.”

His case study will delve into how keys within the blockchain will connect not only singular devices but whole clouds of IoTs to one another. The proof of concept is the successful smart city implementation by SKEY Network which shows the harmonization of the communication standard, where ambulances and other medical services have direct access to all areas where help is needed.

Source: PR Wonderland