“Dar Al Muheet Publishing House” has announced today the official launch of its website from Fujairah. The house is famous for its interest in spreading knowledge towards broad-ranging horizons and making reading a general awareness culture. You can browse the website at: www.daralmuheet.ae

“After we have gone through many stages to complete this project, which was tiring and enjoyable, the website of Dar Al Muheet was launched, so that readers can learn about all the subjects offered by the house. As for the house’s young friends, they also have a share with us through a section dedicated to children's books, with the ability to read a summary about the books and choose the appropriate ones", said the director of the house, Manal Al Naqbi.

It is worthy of note that the house, which publishes books in Arabic with an initiative to translate books from other languages, now provides the reader with the advantage of purchasing books directly through its website, which eases the dissemination of Arab and Emirati culture among the public.

It is interesting to say that "Dar Al Muheet Publishing House" provides a calendar that explains the future activities of the house and enables readers to pursue its latest news and view its most recent pictures on the site, in addition to the house's outer participation in the most leading book fairs.

"Dar Al Muheet Publishing House" provides support to novice and new writers by presenting their writings and articles so that they can publish them on the house's website to print in them a spirit of self-motivation and lead them to success.

finally, "Dar Al Muheet Publishing House" is a house interested in archiving the Emirati folklore and preserving the authentic Emirati identity and values, which are the most important pillars of the house, with its keenness to adhere to international publishing standards.

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