Awareness of one's own health and wellbeing has never been higher. Currently, everyone is spending more time at home and it is becoming increasingly important to establish small but crucial self-care routines in order to recover from a long working day and recharge one’s batteries. The bathroom is often the best place to experience this rare ‘me-time’.

Here, everything revolves around showering, the central element of daily routines and an ultimate source of energy: Taking a shower vitalizes in the morning, refreshes after an exhausting workout or physical work during the day, and relaxes in the evening. GROHE’s shower system portfolio offers a variety of products that meet individual needs and provides the right product for everyone. Perfectly matching head and hand showers meet any shower desire. At the same time, specific features and innovative technologies like GROHE EcoJoy enable a more sustainable lifestyle. Enjoy your shower with a clear conscience towards the environment.

One size does not fit all!

GROHE presents triple shower power for your individual energy boost: The GROHE Tempesta 250 shower system delights with its 250 mm head shower with a full-face Rain spray, available in a round or square shape. The system is rounded out with the Tempesta Cosmopolitan 100 hand shower. An additional highlight of the slim, minimalistic head shower: GROHE EcoJoy technology saves water without compromising the shower performance. Experience pure comfort and joy while doing your bit for the planet.

The updated GROHE Euphoria shower system brings fuss-free joy into the bathroom with the 260 mm head shower coming with three spray types or the generous 310 mm variant which ensures full-body-coverage. The shower system is completed by the Euphoria 110 Massage hand shower. For superior safety, GROHE CoolTouch technology prevents the product surface from getting hot while showering. Plus, the handles guarantee precise water control – even with soapy hands. Thanks to FastFixation, the shower systems are an easy upgrade as they can be adapted to existing holes.

For personalized showering pleasure, the GROHE Rainshower SmartActive shower system is equipped with a smart hand shower highlight: The SmartTip control allows easy switching between three sprays with a touch of a finger. A tailor-made shower experience has never been that easy. Moreover, GROHE DripStop minimizes annoying dripping after turning off the hand shower in the Rain and Jet spray modes. The matching 310 mm head shower provides full body coverage from the top of your head and the exposed thermostat delivers water at a constant temperature with no nasty surprises.

Source: Ogilvy

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