The real estate and properties transactions valued at 7billion in total during the week ending 14 October 2021. The sum of transactions was 1,756.

149 plots were sold for AED 726.06 million, 1,103 apartments and villas were sold for AED 2.25 billion.

 The top three transactions were a land in Al Hebiah Fifth sold for AED 180.53 million, followed by a land that was sold for AED 50.5 million in Island 2, and a land sold for AED 180.53 million in Al Hebiah Fifth in third place.

Madinat Al Mataar recorded the most transactions for this week by 25 sales transactions worth AED 21.94 million, followed by Al Hebiah Third with 23 sales transactions worth AED 63.73 million, and Al Hebiah Fourth with 18 sales transactions worth AED 78 million in third place.

The top three transfers for apartments and villas were an apartment was sold for AED 279 million in Burj Khalifa, an apartment was second in the list sold for AED 221 million in Marsa Dubai, and thirdly it was an apartment sold for AED 207 million in Al Khairan First.

The sum of the amount of mortgaged properties for the week was 4 billion, with the highest being a land in Al Raffa, mortgaged for AED 447 million.

121 properties were granted between first-degree relatives worth AED 279 million.

*First-degree relatives comprise an individual’s parents, siblings, children, or a fully owned company by an individual.

Source: Dubai Land Department

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