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Whether for health reasons, a life choice or on doctor's orders, going vegan or at the very most, vegetarian, is a breeze with offerings all over town. Whether it's a bean burger, a falafel sandwich, or Mexican guacamole,  the choices are endless.

But, often forgotten is one of Dubai's most popular cuisines - Asian. At NARA Pan Asian, we have the vegan fix you need!

Founded by Anand Radia, a vegetarian himself, this JLT gem serves up mouth-watering Pan Asian, vegan and vegetarian delicacies that are a sure hit with all. Here's their top selection:

Thai Green Curry Dumplings

These small Asian parcels of flavour at NARA are a Thai delight. The exotic green curry dumplings are a perfect blend of fresh green Thai spices along with fresh vegetables put together in a perfectly steamed dumpling.

Priced at AED 36

Togarashi Mushrooms

Crispy Togarashi coated mushrooms at NARA is a mouthwatering vegetarian dish and a perfect way to spice up your meat-free diet.

Priced at AED 34.

Veg Lettuce Wraps

These healthy vegetable lettuce wraps are colorful, delicious and fully vegan. Dive into Asian deliciousness with these stir-fried vegetables served with lettuce cups and a plum sauce.

NARA also serves a selection of other vegetarian dishes, ranging from dumplings to salads, sushi, main courses, sides and also desserts.


Source: Empyre Communications