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From June 13th to July 7th 2018, 10 selected CACE students and alumni of Zayed University will participate in the Art contest at Alfa Romeo - Gargash show room in Dubai at the opening event on 7th June. The students will display to the public their artworks and the visitors of the exhibition can vote for the favorite artwork by 14th June.

The 2 most voted talented students from Dubai and Abu Dhabi will be the winners of the art exhibition contest and, along with a Zayed University tutor, will participate in “The Intercultural Project”: an educational trip to Italy organized and accompanied by the Project Manager Dr. Benedetta Paravia between July 2nd and July 7th, 2018. The group will travel in Italy with Alfa Romeo vehicles, sponsoring the travel.

The Intercultural Project is composed of an interesting mix of cultural and educational modules; based on site visits, direct exploration and first hand observation and discussion with specialists in the field. Based in different locations, Rome, Florence, Milan, Arona, and Siena. Students will be exposed to different historical and cultural sites and museums.

The Zayed University sais “The course will expose the students to places they otherwise will not experience. It will broaden their perspectives, and provide them with an insight into a rich intermix of Italian culture, heritage, history, science, art, architecture and design. The trip allows students to bond and interact, creating an insightful atmosphere of learning, through observing and discussing”. The experience of participating in this well crafted intercultural trip to Italy will inevitably have a major positive impact on these students as they develop to be the future designers and artists based in the UAE.”

“The intercultural Project is a special educational program running since 2005. It is devised to make the European and Arab culture closer with a focus on the UAE and Italy, it promotes the intercultural dialogue for the understanding of cultural 
 diversity and works for Emiratisation by motivating and encouraging the students” – sais Dr. Benedetta Paravia, Project Manager.

The project received the honor to be directly supported by H.H Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

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