With increased concentrations of quartz, soot and germs within cars, commuters should be aware of the dangers of unclean air within their cars explains TR Ganesh, General Manager, Blueair Middle East.


Whether it’s commuting to work and back, dropping kids off on the school run, or simply doing the grocery chores, people in the UAE are spending more time on the road than ever before. Globally, we spend 10 hours a week travelling inside vehicles, and in Dubai, nearly two of those hours is spent in traffic jams each week.

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Sunday, 04 November 2018 06:39


by Kaizar Patla, Head – Consumer Assets


Buying a new car is a significant step for all of us. Whether you dream of a reliable car for the whole family to enjoy, or adding a new premium model to your own collection, it brings a feeling of success and achievement when you get hold of the keys to your desired car.

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Be it a regular two-day weekend, or an extended staycation a few hours away by car, it’s hard to beat the excitement of hitting the open road on your way to invaluable family time.

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