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Seamless Customer Experience at Airports

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By: Hassan El-Banna, Business Development Manager, META


Forward-thinking airports are focused on delivering a passenger journey that is uninterrupted from end-to-end, starting when passengers leave their homes and finishing when they board the aircraft. Reducing stress as well as improving flow-through and predictability are key. A smooth journey requires a resilient infrastructure, smart planning, and an investment in technology. Dubai Airports recently announced its plans to eliminate physical airport check in desks and detect travelers’ vitals by scanning their thermal print. Dubai welcomes an average of 7.5 million travelers every month. However, the city broke this record three times by welcoming over 8.3 million in one month.

By Diego Abba, Chief Executive Officer of Italist Inc.


As the CEO of Italist, an e-commerce portal that gives global luxury shoppers a platform with access to 200 luxury Italian multi-brand boutiques that stock over 1000 worldwide luxury brands for men, women and children. My focus is to communicate our innovative business model and our value proposition.

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One Year Anniversary of GDPR - 25th May 2019

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Spokesperson: Danny Allan, VP, Product Strategy at Veeam


“Over the past twelve months, GDPR has displayed two key characteristics: it’s both specific, and it has teeth. GDPR is clear about who it serves, who it applies to, what it enforces and what the penalties for failure to do so are. As a result of this, people are increasingly viewing data privacy as a basic human right, akin to freedom of speech.

By Mansoor Sarwar, Regional Technical Director at Sage Middle East


The impact of digital transformation on every aspect of the business – from back-office processes to the customer experience – means that it’s more important than ever for technology and business strategy to be in lockstep. Though there is a great deal of discussion about the importance of the chief executive, CMO (chief marketing officer), and CHRO (chief HR officer) in digital transformation, the pivotal role of the CFO (chief financial officer) is sometimes overlooked.

Carl Allsopp, COO of Allsopp & Allsopp explains the misconceptions between the holy month of Ramadan and the Real Estate market of Dubai.


Do a lot of people travel during Ramadan?

We all live in a cosmopolitan and maturing city. Residents of Dubai have jobs, have children in schools and we tend to carry on with our usual routines during the Holy month of Ramadan.

By Mansoor Sarwar, Director - Technical Services and Pre-Sales at Sage Middle East.


CIOs today must master the difficult balance between managing the risks of deploying immature technologies and those of being left behind by emerging, disruptive trends if they are to help their businesses drive profitable growth in the years to come.

David Grout, EMEA CTO, FireEye


Since adoption a year ago, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has changed the security landscape significantly. The regulation has allowed organizations to increase their security maturity and we have clearly seen an increase in breach notifications and have noticed a more open discourse of these topics, which were previously often "taboo" and poorly documented. When it comes to the Middle East, many of the organizations here have adopted their cyber security strategies to align with international standards. I believe regional firms also have a greater understanding of the importance of security governance and take it much more seriously than before.

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In retail, trust is everything

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While e-commerce is set to double in the next three years, some consumers are still wary of spending online. Rahul Duragkar, Managing Director of UAE-based online retailer Shopinc, enumerates 3 ways that online retailers can build – and keep – consumer trust


In business as in love, trust is everything. With consumers anticipating online companies to provide quality products beyond advertised timeframes, there is a greater need for quality products and discounts, which are applicable all year round to foster good and long consumer relationships. In a scenario where consumers are increasingly purchasing online, thanks to convenience, 24/7 storefronts and a wider product selection, trust assumes more importance than ever. In this current set of things, has emerged as a key online player in the UAE market that believes in fostering long term relationship with consumers by offering quality products and discounts, which are applicable all year round.

Author: Aaron Weiss, vice president and general manager, Retail Solutions, HP Inc.


It’s been an exciting couple of months for us on the HP Retail Solutions team. Late last year, we unveiled a new portfolio of retail devices, including the brand new HP Engage Go Convertible, the next generation of sleek, versatile, and secure technology for the rapidly evolving needs of retail and hospitality customers. And earlier this year at the National Retail Federation (NRF) Big Show, we announced the new HP Engage One Prime, an Android-based all-in-one point-of-sale system designed specifically for the retail and hospitality space, and we are just getting started.

By Jim Morrissey, VP US Channels Document Technology Partners, Xerox Corporation


Cloud computing has been great news for customers, offering higher service levels at lower cost. Initially, many IT channel partners saw it as bad news for themselves, eliminating many hardware purchases and the service engagements attached to them, including installation, integration, maintenance, repair, support, training, and more.

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