Hotels and Dining

Starting from June 2019, visitors will have one more reason to visit Geneva and enjoy its summer. The Swiss city that has always been famous for chocolates, watches and the lovely scenery by the lakeside is preparing to unveil a new public beach which will enrich visitors’ experience this summer.

When it comes to authentic, elegant and delicious Arab cuisine, Chef Emad Zalloum knows exactly what is required to leave a lasting impression on residents and visitors in Abu Dhabi.

Marriott International today unveiled the top destinations throughout the Middle East and Africa for solo travelling, including the UAE, Oman, Jordan, Mauritius, Egypt and more inviting travellers to pursue the joy of “Good Travel” this season.

Ramadan, a time when people around the world come together in the act of fasting, can draw attention to the issue of world hunger and food wastage concerns. During this month, JA Resorts & Hotels announces the roll out of cutting-edge food wastage technology across 7 hotels, which is set to drastically reduce food waste and landfill contributions.

With Ramadan upon us, it’s time to head to Molten Choclate Café and enjoy a delicious Ramadan set-menu. At just AED 54 per person or AED 99 for couples, this special edition option includes a tasty snack and dessert, along with a refreshing drink.