Syrian-born tenor Joseph Terterian, currently based in the United Arab Emirates, has announced plans for the development of a major project in support of charitable work in Armenia.

The singer’s musical journey took off 15 years ago. He has performed in various musical projects worldwide, including the musical “The Future We Want” in Switzerland and “Amazing Dubai-The Musical” in Dubai. As an Armenian diaspora community member, the recent tragic war in Terterian’s native Armenia prompted the singer to embark on an artistic project titled “For Mother” which will shed light on Armenia, highlight its life loving bright culture, and counteract the negative image Armenia has got over the past century

As a part of an Armenian diaspora movement, “For Mother” (Mayrigin in Armenian) will launch its first phase to collect the needed funds for two month. The project will feature a music album with 8 traditional folk Armenian songs with lead vocals from Joseph Terterian. The second component of the project will be a film shot in Armenia with the main character on a quest to explore his identity and heritage in his homeland Armenia. The aim of “For Mother” is to introduce the world to Armenia and Armenian culture in a different light. Both the album and film will be recorded and filmed in Armenia in collaboration with local musicians, artists, directors, and producers.

Terterian’s ambitious project will cost $100,000 and is currently in the financial security phase. The singer is using the Springs15 platform. Springs15 is a website that supports those seeking support in turning their creative ideas into reality, and will be marketing “For Mother” through their channels to raise money. Terterian is also using social media and is relying on the Armenian diaspora community and Armenia supporters all over the world for their generous support. Individuals interested in helping fund Terterian’s project and COAF’s mission can visit and back his project up by as little as one dollar.

“The UAE is my new homeland, and I cannot be prouder to be launching my project from a rich and generous place as this one. As an Arab and a member of the Armenian Diaspora, I feel compelled to do whatever I can to support my motherland. It is a true honor to be part of this initiative and I cannot do it alone. Everyone working on this cultural project is offering their talents and expertise at no cost. Our only gain is feeling immense pride for being part of something impactful,” emphasized Joseph Terterian.