At the heart of a unique high jewelry collection with two strong, spirited women. Using one simple word - freedom - the fashion icon and the diamond jewelry designer have collaborated with spontaneity and sincerity. By each harnessing the other’s art, they have been able to express the different facets of their singular personalities through unbridled creativity.

Together, they have created a collection of high fashion jewelry that is expressively eclectic and defiantly diverse, which pays homage to a woman who has transcended generations and styles.


Honouring Kate’s favourite hues, the pair has created a vibrantly-coloured collection. While Valerie’s palette was previously limited to gold and diamonds, she now finds herself drawn towards other precious materials. Malachite, mother-of-pearl and turquoise are the stars of the show: XXL earrings, 3-finger ring... Unprecedented combinations of coloured gold and precious materials.

Source: Z.Seven