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The Friends of Breastfeeding Association of the Health Education Department at the Supreme Council for Family Affairs, honoured yesterday 40 mothers from different nationalities, in recognition of their key role, in terms of giving their children the best possible start to life, through their keenness on breastfeeding.

Held at the Sharjah Women's Union Association, the ceremony was attended by H.E. Eng. Khawla Al Noman, Head of Breastfeeding Friends Association, Sarah Bin Karam, General Manager of the Women’s Union Association; members of the administrative staff of the Breastfeeding Association, a number of volunteers, a large crowd of the mothers and their children, representatives of the Association’s sponsoring and supporting authorities and local media representatives.

In her opening speech, H.E. Eng. Khawla Al Noman said: “Please allow me, at the outset, to express my happiness today and I wish for every mother a life full of happiness and joy with her children and family. All of you are an example of strength, nobility and passion. All of you strive to support and reinforce your families, consequently consolidating the love of homeland in our hearts, our national identity and our authentic legacy. You became a source of pride for all of us. Once again, my congratulations to all of you on the glory you deserve on the land of our beloved country and everywhere in this world.”

She added: “This tribute comes in line with wise vision of Shaikha Jawaher bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, Wife of the Ruler of Sharjah, and Chairperson of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs, focusing on the proper nurturing of children and maintaining their health”.

Al Noman lauded Her Highness’ leading efforts made to issue a number of legislations and laws that guarantee enhancing mothers’ role, especially working mothers by granting nursing time at work (Maternity Hour) and establishing nurseries at workplace and child-friendly centers, which ensure children’s full birth.

The Head of Breastfeeding Friends Association underscored that breastfeeding is the most beautiful contact between the mother and her kid, despite the time required for this process. However, the positive outcomes of breastfeeding on both the mother and the child, motivate everyone to back each mother in her endeavors to achieve her noble objectives.

In turn, Sarah Bin Karam, General Manager of the Women’s Union Association, expressed her pleasure at hosting the event, praising the Friends of Breastfeeding Association’s endeavors being made to support women, promote breastfeeding and enrich mothers’ knowledge about health and nutritional facts of breast milk and its benefits.

She stressed the Women’s Union Association is willing to cooperate and coordinate the Department of Health Education of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs, to enhance the influential and significant role of women in building the society.

 She also praised the wise leadership for its continuous support to all initiatives and projects aiming to underpin women, family and the society and address motherhood and childhood issues.  

Bin Karam added: "Enhancing permanent cooperation among community institutions and identify opportunities, challenges, views and proposals will definitely contribute to developing community affairs and serving the interests of families, women and children. It will also help realize the National strategy for motherhood and childhood, which represents a key reference for us in the field of childhood.

"During the ceremony, the attendees watched a video on healthy food recipes for the nursing mother. Then, H.E. Eng. Khawla Al Noman handed out the awards to the mothers, in recognition of their strenuous efforts to protect their children and their perseverance to bring up a generation capable of resuming the march of construction and development in the beloved UAE.

She also thanked the event sponsors and supporters and hailed their ongoing contributions to the success of activities organized by the association, reaffirming that they are the association’s strategic partners for achieving its vision of creating a healthy and happy society and enhancing Sharjah’s position as a healthy and infants, children and mothers’ friendly city.


Source: MISBAR Communications