The General Assembly of the Emirates Business and Finance Association (EBFA) held its first regular meeting last Thursday in Dubai. The meeting was attended by HE Naser ButtiOmair Yousef AlMheiri, elected Chairman of the Board of Directors, HE Raja Mohammed Ghanim Saeed AlMazrouei, elected Deputy Chairperson of the Board of Directors, HE Hamad Abdullah Al Mass, HE Ahmed Yousef Abdulla Hussain Khouri, and HE Ahmed Abdul Jalil Abdulrahman Mohammed Al-Bulwaki, all elected as members of the Board of Directors.

EBFA’s goal is to represent members and create opportunities for cooperation between them and

It also aims to build bridges of communication between members, as well as between economists and investors at the local and international levels from various economic sectors.

HE Naser Butti Omair Yousef AlMheiri, Chairman of the Board of Directors, stated that the Association aims towards achieving effective partnership and cooperation between representatives of the public and private sectors, to create viable investment opportunities and to achieve sustainable economic development contributions for the society and the overall economy of the UAE.

AlMheiri said, "The Association encourages investments and joint economic projects among its members who come from various industries and inform them of the available investment opportunities and the sources of financing, in order to empower the private sector through building partnerships with the public sector and the legislative bodies in the UAE, which will enable it to play a greater role in the process of sustainable economic development for the country."

AlMheiri stated that the Association would propose economic development studies and projects that will contribute in supporting the national economic development agenda of the UAE In addition to supporting economic, commercial and investment studies and research, which will provide advisory and technical services to members and investors through specialized advisory bodies.

He added that the Association would actively participate in exhibitions and markets within and outside the UAE to introduce and promote national products and investment opportunities.

HE Raja Mohammed Ghanim Saeed AlMazrouei, Deputy Chairperson of EBFA, said that the associations top priority is to place its strategy of communications between members locally and internationally, to bridge the gap between the various economic sectors and create more prominent opportunities. The association will strengthen cooperation and communication between members and stakeholders within and outside the UAE to support investment opportunities, promote the economic objectives of the country, and contribute in establishing joint ventures that achieve sustainable economic development.

The Emirates Business and Finance Association was established by Ministerial Decree No. 315 of 2017. The first meeting for the election of the members of the Association’s Board of Directors came in accordance with Federal Law No. 2 of 2008, concerning the establishment of public welfare societies.

The association seeks to build active communication channels and to solve challenges in developing investment opportunities within the UAE, by acting as a representative and voice for investors worldwide and those at the level of regulatory agencies in the UAE.

The association is considered a platform that allows investors to find suitable opportunities for their investment and industrial interests. It is also a platform for organized representation between private institutions, family business groups, and government agencies in the UAE.

The association will use a smart platform that employs modern technology to help support investors in accessing investment opportunities, increase private sector participation in overall development, and attract investments that add value to the national economy.


Source: MISBAR Communicatons