Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council, the 1st edition of Emirates International Forensic Science Conference and Exhibition starts on Sunday at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre, under the theme “Digital Forensic Science”.

His Excellency Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-In-Chief of Dubai Police, stressed on the importance of the Emirates International Forensic Science Conference and Exhibition, which is considered the region’s largest event on forensic science and forensic medicine, as it brings together specialists and speakers from all around the world to form the international scientific council.

Innovation and Creativity

His Excellency Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri highlighted the fact that the conference will have a great impact on developing countries, who will participate and learn about the latest scientific research and specialties in forensic science and criminology. He has also noted that the conference and through Dubai Police’s partnership with INDEX supports the UAE’s initiatives in the field of innovation and creativity. It also supports the field of forensic science and forensic medicine on the national level and that is through the international scientific participation, in addition to, the ultimate chance offered for students to learn about the latest scientific research and relevant techniques and gain experience from the experts and specialists in this field.

An International Event

From his side, Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani, Executive Chairman of Emirates International Forensic Science Conference and Exhibition and Chairman of INDEX Holding said: “As a pioneer national events company, we strive to host and organize the most sophisticated and high profile international events, therefore, we are so proud to organize this event in cooperation with Dubai Police. We are inspired by the city we live in, the emirate of Dubai is the first city in the MENA Region that organizes such a specialized event by this nature that also includes workshops, training sessions and research. The event is also attended by a large number of experts and specialists working in the forensic science.”

Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani also said: “It is with no doubt that the UAE enjoys an excellent reputation, great infrastructure and global stature in terms of infrastructure, security and safety, which puts it at the forefront of countries capable of hosting the largest exhibitions and the biggest events.”

Continuous Education

Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani continued: “We strive through the events that we organize at INDEX to always keep a space for continuous education in the conference’s scientific program due to its benefit to students and attendees. Moreover, we must also keep in mind that the Emirates International Forensic Science Conference and Exhibition is the first international conference that open doors for youth and give them a chance to innovate and show up their talents to the international audience, in addition to grant them 15.25 credit hours.”

Dr. Al Madani added that the conference contributes to the field of forensic science and criminology in the region as it will attract experts from Asia, Africa, Europe and America on one ultimate platform that supports the field of forensics and criminology, through the conference sessions, research papers presented and the parallel workshops.

First Day

It is worth mentioning that the conference on its 1st day will discuss several important topics that will include: Overview of Dubai Police Forensic Sciences, Challenges facing Forensic Science in the United States – Admissibility of Pattern Evidence , Wound Ballistics: True Facts and Fiction, Collection and Analysis of Breath Components for Marijuana Detection using Capillary Microextraction of Volatiles (CMV) , Forensic Pathology Accreditation journey in Kuwait Forensic Department .

The conference will also discuss Virtopsy & Virtobot: Transformation in Forensic Medicine and Science, Crime Scene Reconstruction in the 21st Century, Study about the efficacy of several expired DNA reagents, the role of criminology and forensic psychology in solving the cause of suspicious child death, and many more.


Parallel Exhibition

The parallel exhibition will host more than 80 companies that will display the latest forensic biology analysis equipment, equipment for digital imaging, speech and audio analysis, digital investigation, data analysis, and video enhancement techniques.

Dubai Police and through the Emirates International Forensic Science Conference and Exhibition aims to develop its methods and techniques for forensic, forensic medicine, crime scene management, and digital forensic science. To do so, Dubai Police will invite faculty members and students to participate with their forensic and criminal science related research papers. Dubai Police will also work with universities and faculties to develop scientific curriculums that will help to graduate cadres specialized in forensics. Dubai Police will also cooperate with international exhibiting companies to transform ideas presented during the conference to real products and services, and eventually be ahead of the future.

It is worth mentioning that Dubai Police has sponsored 50-conference students registrations as it is the “Year of Giving” to support students by providing them with the chance to participate in this conference, to meet with top-notch speakers and experts in the field, to gain experiences and to learn about the latest developments and scientific research.

The 1st edition of Emirates International Forensic Conference & Exhibition is privileged with the support of a number of international associations such as: The International Association of Forensic Toxicologists – TIAFT, American Association of Forensic Science – AAFS, International Association of Forensic Science – IAFS, European Network Forensic Science Institutes – ENFSI, American Society of Questioned Documents Examiners – ASQDE, American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors – ASCLD, Worldwide Association of Women Forensic Experts, and the International Association Of Orthodontic And Forensic Odontology.

Emirates International Forensic Conference & Exhibition is organized by INDEX Conferences & Exhibitions, a member of INDEX Holding in cooperation with Dubai Police


Source: Index Media