Almost one full year into the pandemic and the service industry is still facing challenges with all the ongoing restrictions put in place. We’ve seen a lot of our favourite restaurants struggle and sadly, some weren’t able to survive these tough months.

At a time where social distancing is imperative, deliveries have become a large part of the restaurants’ income scheme. Always passionate about creating opportunities for small businesses, Careem has recently announced a new 0% commission model, revolutionizing their relationship with local restaurants. This new food delivery model disrupts the way operators and aggregators are working and alleviates the weight put on restaurants, making the pricing structure transparent and their business more profitable.

Saying this, customers can now choose to make a more responsible choice and support their favourite restaurants. Here are some of the community’s favourite local, homegrown restaurants you can order from on the Careem App.

  1. Projeto Acai - Vegan and gluten-free friendly, the acai bowls are a great choice for a healthy, fresh and fulfilling breakfast. Giving you a feast for the eyes and the soul, project acai serves refreshment in a bowl.
  2. Kcal - Homegrown and inspired by the city, they offer wholesome and healthy dishes that combine flavour and calorie control. Whether you are in the office, home or school, Kcal provides convenience food with hand-crafted grab and go products at your doorstep.

  3. Mantoushe - Another business that came to fruition in Dubai, Mantoushe is a favourite for those who just can’t get enough of the Lebanese cuisine. Experimenting and creating new sets of exciting flavor combinations, Mantoushe offers real food with every bite.
  4. Common Grounds - As the name indicates, this homegrown and socially responsible brand brings you your favourite neighborhood coffee shop. Leading the way with creative food and beverage concepts and buzz-worthy initiatives, it’s the perfect choice for a quick coffee delivery throughout your hectic day.
  5. Kaak Beirut - Inspired by Lebanese tradition and combined with the know-how in the making of the famous kaak, this place is your favourite for your freshly baked kaakeh in the morning with a variety of the best hand-picked and imported specialities from Lebanon.

From breakfast favourites to sweet and healthy delights, Careem is bringing the world of food to your doorstep, all whilst inspiring and encouraging local restaurants to thrive and grow.

Source: Atteline