As illegal live-streaming continues to explode, becoming the strongest development for piracy in media and entertainment, efficient solutions have become available to broadcasters of premium content, explains anti-piracy expert TMG.

“Avid fans will do anything to watch their favorite teams live” says Bastien Casalta, Chief Technology Officer at TMG. “Aside from the obvious Facebookor YouTube, new pirate sites are launched every week, providing millions of users with illegal access to live sports, especially in Europe, North Africa, the Middle-East and Asia”.

TMG has been appointed to monitor major sports organisations and broadcasters’ streaming piracy on a global scale. 

Illegal viewership undermines TV networks and has clearly become a threat to PTV subscription numbers. “As a global security partner, we implement comprehensive, 360-degree anti-piracy strategies for our clients. This includes detection, monitoring, source identification, intelligence-gathering, investigations and enforcement”.

TMG works closely with its clients to analyse online content usage and close down pirate sites. “Protecting premium content requires global Internet monitoring on websites, social media and private networks. Our technology, in addition to live content removal, provides a complete view of the main pirate organisations. Broadcasters are then able to engage an efficient legal strategy to shut down pirate sites permanently”.

TMG also provides broadcast monitoring solutions, to check compliance and analyse the use of copyrighted content, language and restricted content, and advertisement.



As a leading global provider of compliance and anti-piracy services,TMG adds value to the content of major entertainment companies worldwide among sports rights-holders, broadcasters, the news sector and the film industry.

TMG’s technologies and know-how are used for the protection of recorded content as well as for the online protection of live events. TMG also deploys broadcast monitoring and compliance solutions, to detect and analyse copyrighted content, language and restricted content, and advertising.

TMG’s monitoring and enforcement services track unauthorised user activity across the world, operating 24/7.

With 15 years’ experience in digital anti-piracy, TMG has acquired extensive knowledge and understanding of networks and protocols, their evolution, and user behaviour. Pirated content is detected and enforced across a rapidly evolving array of Internet channels, including video streaming sites, social networks, user generated contentwebsites, peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, blogs and search engines. All illegally available content is identified.

TMG builds on key technology solutions including Live Fingerprinting, automated detection and monitoring, manual verification of results and live detection and take-down of links.

TMG provides its clients with exhaustive data on pirated content and hosting websites, and supports them in any legal actions they decide to take.


Source: Business France