As a ‘Women Partner’, Sharjah Business Women Council (SBWC) had a significant presence at the Women SME 2017 conference, which was organized by World Arenaon October 3-4.

The conferenceis an important events for women entrepreneurs in the region, as it offersinsights and practical knowledge to SMEs looking to either start up, expand or enter the market.

Itbrought together some of the most powerful women, and speakers in the region and highlighted some of their most impressive achievements in the business world, addressing both the opportunities and challenges that face women entrepreneurs in the Middle East.

The event also outlined options for businesswomen who are on a limited budget but are committed to enhancing their business potential in terms of marketing, human resources, finance and management.

Sheikha Hind bint Majed Al Qassimi, Acting Chairperson of SBWC, believes participating in such events not only gives members the opportunity to meet like-minded women professionals, it also reaffirms the strength of women as business leaders who are more ambitious and more capable than ever to establish and manage their own companies.

“While promoting gender equality in the workplace is important, we must always remember that SMEs form the backbone of our economy and to be able to meet with so many women business managers and owners here is an excellent reflection of how the sector is flourishing.”

A recent poll from Arabian Business showed that nearly a quarter of the most powerful Arab women were Emirati, by far the largest nationality in the report.

“As a nation, the UAEis always working towards women empowerment and advancement, and at Sharjah Business Women Council we strive to enable female leadership, whether in traditional or non-traditional sectors,and all across the corporate levels.”

“Women SME 2017 is an excellent platform to promote these ambitions and this is the perfect environment for our members to gain knowledge, confidence and the motivation vital to enter the business world.”

Operating under the umbrella of Sharjah-based NAMA Women Advancement Establishment -an organisation that aims to empower women professionally and economically - SBWC is dedicated to helping women set up, sustain and expand their businesses and contribute to the country’s sustained economic growth.

Founded in 2002, SBWC currently has around 1,300 businesswomen, professionals, students and new graduates as members. A core focus of the council is entrepreneurship development.


Source: National Network Communications