SME World

Enable, a Social Enterprise and CSR initiative by Desert Group is all set to inaugurate its very first Enable Market Fair – a concept that will showcase the talents of the Special Needs, on February 18th, 2017 at the Dubai Garden Centre.

Al Khalij Commercial Bank (al khaliji) P.Q.S.C., Qatar’s next generation bank, is offering aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to finance and grow their Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) projects through Al Dhameen program, in association with Qatar Development Bank (QDB).

Bebuzzd, a leading loyalty program provider based in Dubai, has announced the release of the latest version of Bebuzzd, a multi-store digital loyalty program, which is available for download on app stores. The mobile application will provide local SMEs the advantage of further enhancing their customer experiences and reinforcing consumer-business ties. The updated loyalty app, which allows consumers to earn points and redeem rewards from their favourite outlets, now presents itself with new and improved features such as easier navigation, faster searching, and a better design. The release of the newest version is expected to draw in more users as hundreds of outlets have now joined the Bebuzzd bandwagon. Furthermore, everything customers have wanted to know about their favourite businesses can be found in the Bebuzzd app.

Global research by Sage highlights that only 33% of small businesses feel represented by politicians in their country’s decision making. The data was published in the week of the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) where politicians and big business will gathered in Davos to debate the global economic picture.

Sage, the market leader in Cloud accounting software, has predicted that chatbots, collective intelligence and blockchain are some of the big technology trends that will change the way entrepreneurs run their businesses in 2017. Sage Chief Technology Officer, Klaus-Michael Vogelberg, said: “As every business – big or small – is transforming more or less intensively into a tech-enabled business, today’s entrepreneurs should be on the lookout for the opportunities these technological developments can bring to their business.” Vogelberg sees six major trends in 2017 that could make a big difference to the way business builders will work in 2017 and beyond.