Summers are here and these energy-sapping, warmer days may impede us from staying focussed on our daily tasks. According to Sleep Experts at The London Sleep Centre Dubai; sleeping comfortably through a hot, humid summer night is no easy task. Heat exposure increases wakefulness and decreases rapid eye movement sleep. Also, high levels of humidity disrupt sleep because the moisture in the air prevents the evaporation of sweat from the skin.


Even before we get to giving you some awesome tips to stay productive this summer, think about a typical work day in your life. Do you wake up tired and dreary? Skip breakfast or pick up something not-so-nutritious on-the-go? Are you just running from one-task to another without a meal or coffee break in between? More often than not, we are always overwhelmed with work-life demands and on the run to maintain a seemingly unsustainable pace. How do you meet all of these? Dr. Irshaad Ebrahim (Medical Director, The London Sleep Centre Dubai) feels that a strategic renewal of our body system is a must to keep up with the modern pace of life and that includes required night time sleep hours, power naps during the day and even daily workouts need to be scheduled to gear up the physique for more.

It’s no secret that most people need 7-9 hours of sleep, but it’s no magic number so don’t get carried away with this. Each of us are different and so are our sleep demands. Some may feel energetic with 7 hours of sleep while some others may need their snoozes for up to 10 hours. Ample sleep is required to make us productive at our workplace but its sound effects aren’t limited to these. The positive impacts go a lot deeper to assure us quality lives. So whilst our work roles are stressful, demand alertness, productivity and time-bound analytical skills, follow these expert-led tips to keep yourselves energized and proactive throughout the summers:-

  • Mind your caffeine: Just as coffee is not the best start to your mornings, you need not be a sleep expert to know that coffee shouldn’t be the last thing that you drink before you go to sleep either. Caffeine consumed even 6 hours before bedtime may discourage you from falling asleep and also disrupt quality sleep. Try some more soothing alternatives like fruit-infused water or green tea to give a refreshing start to your day. It’s good to remember that the best time to consume coffee is later in the mornings, so there’s no harm in complementing your first team meeting of the day with a hot cuppa cappuccino.
  • Stick to your routine: We are creatures of habit and should fall asleep and wake up on scheduled hours no matter the days of the week. It does not help oversleeping on weekends as your body adjusts to a particular circadian rhythm that needs to be maintained. Having a sleep schedule and being consistent at it will eventually allow you to fall asleep easily and in deep slumber.
  • Take control of your sleep environment: If your work role demands staying out of the office and in the sun for longer hours then you probably should be one of the first ones to take heed of this. An active workday demands even better sleep and you can assure yourself of one by taking charge of your sleep environment. Invest in a good quality and comfortable mattress with clean and great smelling sheets that are sleep-inviting. Darker rooms will help sleep better and unnatural lights should be discouraged from penetrating through the curtains as well. Keeping the room quiet is essential – earplugs are a good way to ensure noises don’t disrupt sleep!
  • Call it a day before bedtime: We seem to have never done enough of work until the end of the day (don’t understand this sentence?) but checking your emails or spending time on the internet is not at all advisable before you go to sleep. With summers calling for longer days and shorter nights, it is essential that you make the most of the night time available for deep sleep, so shun those bright screens.
  • Check your plate: Call for a healthy diet no doubt is required all through the year but summers invite special attention to it. Consuming heavy and spicy food for dinner can disrupt sleep. Giving in to late night food cravings disturb digestion leading to poor quality sleep. Even your alcohol intake needs to be on a check as although it can help to induce sleep initially, it increases sleep disruption and early awakenings. Instead hydrate yourself throughout the day lavishly. It is best advisable to stick to simple and nourishing meals and one should finish eating 3-4 hours before bedtime.
  • Shower and dress yourself right: Finally, cleansing your body with a refreshing shower does help you sleep better. Summer days are sweaty and uncomfortable so it is essential to clean the body to prep yourself for quality sleep. It also helps to wear breathable sleepwear to avoid discomfort.

When you create a solid night time sleep ritual then you are bound to be more calm and mindful about your day time work challenges. Go ahead, sleep better and take on the summers this year like never before.


About The London Sleep Centre Dubai

Affiliated to UK based The London Sleep Centre on Harley Street; this Dubai division is the only fully integrated Sleep Diagnostic and Treatment facility in the GCC. Located in Dubai Healthcare city, it provides comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services to tackle sleep disorders caused by sleep-related breathing and conditions like Neuro-Psychiatric, medical and dental. It is world’s first clinic to have an integrated Dental Sleep Medicine TMJ service as part of its treatment offerings.

Staffed by an International team of Sleep experts, the same as The London Sleep Centre on Harley Street; this state-of- art Sleep Clinic ensures expert care of clients with thorough assessment of disorders, accurate real time analysis and precise diagnosis whilst offering each of its clients a unique treatment plan.

The London Sleep Centre Dubai is headed by famed Specialist Consultant Neuropsychiatrist in Sleep Disorders; Dr. Irshaad Ebrahim who’s clinical interests covers the entire spectrum of sleep disorders including Insomnia, Behavioural Sleep Medicine, Parasomnias Narcolepsy and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. With a commitment towards research and treatment for sleep disorders that spans over two decades, he has recently launched the Dubai division in the wake of rise in number of lifestyle related sleep disorders in the region.

Equipped with the most specialised Dental Sleep Medicine Team, the clinic has on board Dr. Steven Olmos, an internationally recognized lecturer and researcher, and the founder of the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre International. Having dedicated the past 26 years to the fields of Craniofacial Pain, TMD and Sleep Disordered Breathing, his ongoing efforts are focussed on establishing protocols between Dentistry and Sleep Medicine for optimal treatment outcomes in patients with Sleep Disordered Breathing including Sleep Apnoea.


Source:  Matrix Public Relations