Glee Hospitality Solutions, the dynamic company which has carved a niche in the region, has redefined success by creating, developing and franchising a number of its successful and unique restaurant concepts across the wider Gulf and Middle East.


Glee Hospitality, which has unraveled a total of 18 restaurant concepts, operates 35 outlets and manages a team of over 400 employees in the last five years of operations across the region, has achieved a number of franchising successes which not only reflect the customers’ appetite for its concepts but also its farsighted vision on market demand.

From Molten Me, the first-of-its-kind dessert concept to The Gramercy; from Rice Creamery, UAE’s latest home-grown concept dedicated to the quintessential Arabian desserts, to Urban Bites – a ready-to-eat gourmet restaurant which encourages healthy eating; Glee has covered the entire gamut of high-street culinary journey in the region.

The company has successfully reinforced the franchising model in various Gulf countries, which includes Rice Creamery, Urban Bites and Molten ME in Bahrain late last year, Rice Creamery in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait last year; with Urban Bites and Molten ME scheduled for opening in Kuwait in the first quarter of 2016.

The phenomenal 50% year-on-year growth of the concepts across the region reinforces the success of this vision. Brought with a single-minded objective of delivering higher quality, affordable restaurants with atmosphere for diners who want something different, Glee has certainly made a mark in the hospitality domain.                                                                                   

“Our restaurants and their success in the last 2-3 years in the UAE and more importantly in the franchises across the Gulf speak volumes about the latent market for good, affordable but high-quality food, which we tapped into,” said Abdul Kader Saadi, Managing Director of Glee Hospitality Solutions. “There is a clear lack of good high street restaurants in the region and this is where we are trying to make a difference,” he added.

Glee Hospitality plans to unveil over 5 new concepts in the coming two years, primarily targeting Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain markets. “Expansion is definitely on the cards. Overall, our emphasis is on fascinating menus, fresh components, and modern elements of design, both well prepared and worthy personnel across key markets,” added Saadi.

With their diverse backgrounds, experience, and understanding of the global marketplace, Glee Hospitality offers more than 40 years of combined experience in restaurant/hotel management, F&B, business development and operations.


Source: Landmark PR & Events Management