Emirates Auction, the leading company in the field of auctions in the Middle East which specializes in organizing and managing public and electronic auctions, is participating in the 37th GITEX Technology Week 2017 Exhibition.

Emirates Auction’s participation in GITEX Technology Week 2017, which is held at Dubai World Trade Centre on October 8-12, aims at showcasing its innovative services, including the Smart Auction.In addition, the company is presenting its various activities in the organization and management of public and electronic auctions.The company’s services include auctions for vehicles, plate numbers, real-estate, asset liquidation projects, special numbers for mobile phones, jewelry, heavy machinery, construction and industrial equipment, among others.

Emirates Auction is also participating in the exhibition to learn about the latest technologies, innovative programs, smart solutions, and advanced practices showcased by major local and international companies and trademarks.The company benefit from these offers to develop its business as it strives constantly to keep up with technological advancements, employ modern systems to serve clients, and enhance its compliance with the highest standards of quality, transparency, and dynamism in organizing high-level auctions.

Omar Matar Al Mannaei, Managing Director of Emirates Auction, said that participating in GITEX Technology Week is motivated by the company’s commitment to attending leading events and exhibitions specializing in technology, because technology is the way to achieve business leadership and development, particularly in light of the unprecedented rapid rate of development in IT, communications, and internet economy.

Al Mannaei said that keeping up with technological advancements and providing smart services are now a condition for developing business, and are no longer a luxury.This is especially valid in the UAE which is racing against time to achieve the UAE Centennial 2071.The UAE is striving to build sustainable economy, government, and education. This aims to ensure that its society is the happiest in the world. He also asserted Emirates Auction’s commitment to develop its services and performance constantly and invest in its human resources to enable them to use the latest technologies, solutions, and programs, in order to preserve the company’s leading position and the public’s confidence in it.

Emirates Auction is showcasing the latest solutions, services, and smart applications provided by the company for its clients, both establishments and general public.These offerings provide the utmost flexibility and easy access for customers, like e-platforms and online auctions. In addition, the company also enable communications via phone, SMS, smartphone apps, and tablet devices.

Since its launch in 2004, Emirates Auction succeeded in organizing successful auctions for various sectors, including one for selling the 10 most expensive car license plates in the world. The company also managed to exceed expectations in a very short time, with a record of achievements and successes on top of which is setting seven records in the Guinness World Records and providing higher returns on goods sold in auctions to their public and private clients alike.This embodies the company’s commitment to complying with the highest standards in client service.


Source: MISBAR Communications