MY Communications, a leading communications and digital marketing company, has announced the opening of its headquarters in Dubai, UAE. Its services span the areas of public relations, new media, digital marketing and advertising.The company is seeking to expand its network across the GCC and North Africa.

"Our aim is to open communication channels with both government entities and private sector companies,”said Mohammed Khamis Ali Al-Yammahi, the company’s CEO. “We use a strategic mix of media to promote developments and events throughout the region. Much of our focus is on digital media – particularly with the burgeoning use of different social media channels.”

The company’s focus is on building a communication bridge betweenits clients and their stakeholders.

“We are active in creating new strategies and delivering key business messagesin line with the fast-paced developments of new media platforms,” said Al-Yammahi.

“There are a number of factors that set us apart. First is our understanding of true Emirati culture. Second is how to build and then maintain the most positive image of our clients towards the stakeholders they want to engage.Third is our specialist expertise within the government sector.”

The company’s regional strategy is to initially build the brandin Dubai and UAE, then spread geographically from there. There are also plans to form a dedicated public relations division.

"We are already cooperating with a number of GCC companies including Kuwait and Saudi Arabia,”Al-Yammahi concluded.

“Our next step is expansion into other Arab countries including Egypt and Jordan. The Middle East offers huge potential, and we are best positioned to continue the trend of digital media within the regionin new and innovative ways.”


Source: My Communications